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A Terrible Toothache

A toothache so terrible, her teeth she thought

Would tear through her gums and tumble on her tongue

And slip down the tip like a tube down  a slide

And hang on her lips as they grinned ever so wide

They would fall through the air with a buzz and a whirl

They would tumble from the mouth of the brown-haired girl

They would roll and would bounce until they all disappeared

Under the table or under the chair or under the rug her mother had just aired.

But alas they did not, the teeth kept their place

And stuck to her gums in position in her face

She fretted and moaned and awfully groaned

But the pain still remained and would not be disowned

Her regrets were a great many, how could they not be?

For she had eaten every last bit of Halloween candy

She shared not a one with any of her friends

And now she desired  nothing but to make amends

For her selfishness she paid a very dear price

And her teeth made her suffer until she was nice

She learned her lesson, painful though it may be

To avoid terrible toothaches, moderation is key.


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